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We have seen technology evolve and develop through these years. Bringing many things that solution have many years again. And one of these things is virtual worlds provided by the websites.
Often referred to as being a “fantasy world”, it is, in fact a new genre in online consumer. Forums, blogs, chat rooms, social networking, and activities are products of man’s ingenuity to create really world with their own rules, own topics and where they are in associated with almost everything.

Although it is genuine that engaging on these virtual worlds has its own pros and cons, what concerns us more is this : these appeal to the younger mass. Online games for instance are very popular among kids and teens. Free games (in whatever type or form) have become your kid’s virtual world. Stating these fact lead us to a question: What pulls children to flash games?

  1. It’s play day! – Kids consider playing video free unblocked games as a “play”. In a game, children participate in a job voluntarily rather than having to do so. Kids play for delight and pleasures. This is where they get imaginative since games are governed by rules different from the real world’s “fixed rules.”
    Which brings us on to.
  2. A dream world – because the gaming world has special rule systems, kids often finish up in a world they only see in movies. However in a kid’s virtual world, they are not only a part of that world, they live in that world. Fantasy-related elements can be in any online movie. Here you can find heroes, villains, go shopping, battle monsters and bringing order from chaos, home alarm security systems own avatar, collecting jewels, dressing your own pet, designing your own village, owning a farm, managing your own store. and so much more! Children often wish of becoming a superhero, having super powers, rescuing the world, and therefore withdraw the dream because it can never happen in the real world. Well, possibility is endless in the virtual world. On online games, giddy children does whatever they want. And whoever they want to be. It is a cool escape from their constructed reality.
  3. Playing for Rewards – reinforcement and gratification you get while playing makes online games so often fun. A player turns into a sense of fulfillment once they get life points, find treasures or gain bonuses and prizes. Called “virtual economy”, Wikipedia states that players are “driven by in-game needs such as equipment, food or trade goods.” What motivates them even more is because you can get these rewards by not just playing once or winning once, but after multiple wins. With a virtual economy, the harder it is to the reward, the more useful it is globe kid’s virtual world. Thus, the more challenging and fulfilling it is to have them.
  4. Social Interaction – online raft wars 2 unblocked games also has underlying social motives. In game where it needs team play, players interact with each other. It allows them to speak and share their knowledge to other avid gamers. In the virtual worlds they find like-minded players they can talk to and share interests with. Scientists at Rochester University surveyed one thousand video game players and found that the psychological need for connection to other players was one of the top three motivators for video-game internet poker players.
  5. Mind Exercise – playing games online is a long way to exercise head gets hungry cells! It helps kids explore to find new things. As documented by some research, activities enable the mind of the players to be more active, especially those puzzle-based games. This the kids to think of decisions in tight situations, especially those adventure games that keep them alert and strategic. In addition there are many games whose concept and design teach players upto a specific subject, understand an historical event or culture “expand concepts, reinforce development or assist them in learning a skill as they accomplish.”
    A study conducted to 1,102 teens shows that nearly all kids and teens – 97 percent – play online sprinter game, and that the three most popular types of games are not aggressive. Instead, the virtual worlds your kids take presctiption include racing, puzzles, obstacle courses and sports. With proper guidance and supervision from parents, there’s nothing to worry almost. We may not like it, or understand it, but irrespective of how more to on-line and our kid’s virtual worlds than smashing potatoes.


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